Golden Rules to Buy a Shoe

Golden Rules to Buy A Shoe

"Golden Rules to Buy A Shoe" is about the find out the Best Rules you should follow when you buy Shoes. Here are 14 Tips to which help you to choose them correctly.

Golden Rules to Buy a Shoe

Footwear is not only an important part of your wardrobe but an investment in your own health as an uncomfortable pair of shoes may cause harm to your feet when you wear them. 

How to make yourself safe from the wrong choice and buy a pair of shoes with flawless design and much comfort? Here are some simple rules you should keep in mind when shopping and also for Golden Rules to Buy a Shoe.

1. When you buy shoes take into account their functionality. If you need a pair for everyday wear, do not save time and money for it. Day-to-day shoes should be low-heeled with comfortable shoe last.

2. Do not forget to try them on even if you perfectly know your size shoes. Remember that a shoe size chart may differ a lot depending on a manufacturer. If you don’t know your size or need to convert it into another system, have a look at our shoe size converter.

3. Try the shoes on both feet standing upright.

4. Walk around the shop when trying shoes on. If you feel the slightest discomfort, it is likely to become worse when you wear them permanently. Footwear should fit like your second skin; in that case, you’ll feel comfortable.

5. Shoes should not press your toes, heels or foot. Don’t hope they will become more comfortable sometime later even if a shop assistant swears they will. Theoretically, even if it happens you are likely to struggle with corns and callosity. The same applies to shoes which are a bit bigger.

6. If you often struggle with edema, the suitable time for trying on shoes is at the end of the day when feet are of maximum size.

7. When choosing shoes, take into account a form of your feet – the size of foot and calves as well as heel height. Shoes should fit the form and size of your feet – make sure that your foot is fully adjoined with an insole and you feel comfortable.

8. When you stand, pay special attention to a position of the front toe – there should be a little space between it and shoes (about one centimeter).

9. Do not buy shoes when you have too little time. It’s better to spend another hour trying them on: you’ll make the right choice and won’t be disappointed.

10. If you buy shoes in summer, try them on with thin socks (nylon or cotton). In winter use warm socks.

11. Choose the shoes made of natural materials – your skin breathes and heat exchange is normal. The same cannot be said of the models made of synthetic raw materials.

12. Check the shoes’ quality – good shoes look neat and have straight seams and stitches without any marks of paste or glue.

13. Pay special attention to a box. Reputable manufacturers mostly do not save on proper wrapping.

14. Ask a shop assistant how to take care of your purchase. Buy some suitable shoe care products if necessary.

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