How to take care of your Shoes

How to take care of your leather shoes

Leather shoes require constant and proper special care. Following our advice will help you prolong footwear service life.

Good shoes should be leather. After all, the feet breathe in leather shoes and feel more comfortable. Then, shoes take the form of the foot because of the soft material, which allows wearing it with comfort.

Nevertheless, the leather is a rather gentle material. Even despite various modern technologies that make shoes more wear-resistant and less susceptible to the destructive effect of moisture and dirt, the leather needs to have constantly and properly cared.

Then your favorite, elegant and sometimes very expensive shoes will please you with its appearance for many seasons. In addition, it does not matter is it winter or Monsoon boots. Thus, there are some tips that will help you keeping shoes from spoiling and quick wear and How to take care of your Shoes.

How to clean leather shoes

  • Before processing shoes by any means, firstly remove all dirt with the help of a sponge, wet cloth or special brush.
  • Remove dirt from the white leather with soft rubber.
  • Smooth leather is cleaned with a soft cloth and special foams, which remove dirt but do not spoil the leather color.
  • Firstly rub the shoes with a hard brush to give a shine, and then polish with a soft cloth or a piece of felt.
  • Polished skin needs to be cleaned with special sponges and combined brushes, as well as velour rubber and crape brushes.
  • For reptile leather, if it is real leather, use only special cleaners. Many sellers assure that usual delicate foams are appropriated for reptile leather shoes. However, this is not true. Usual care will only spoil the footwear. Many brands propose special care series for exotic leather.
  • Woven leather shoes should be cleaned with a soft cloth or sponge for smooth skin, but only with liquid cleaners to save the form of a weave.

How to dry leather shoes

  • If the shoes are wet, never put it on heaters and do not dry at an open flame. After strong heating, the wet leather coarsens and becomes brittle. Dry it necessary at room temperature or with the use of special pads, or densely stuffed with soft white paper. Each time putting the shoes in the closet after wearing, use pads that will restore the shape of the shoes and smooth the wrinkles on the fold of the foot.
  • Ideally, you should change your shoes every day, so that it has time to fully dry after wearing it, because the human body emits moisture through the pores in any shoes.

How to keep and protect

Be sure to lubricate the leather with shoe polish, especially in winter. Therefore, white salt marks and cracks will not appear. Do not forget to apply a waterproof spray, but not immediately after the shoe polish. Lubricate in the evening, and protect from moisture in the morning, so that the shoe polish has absorbed.

Many drivers are familiar with the problem of wiping the heels. Also, any shoes eventually lose color, so using of aerosols helps to restore color by spraying at a distance of 25-30 cm. For daily care, you can use tinting cream. Such products are proposed by many brands that manufacture shoes care production. Try to avoid fakes, otherwise, you risk staying without your favorite shoes. This is all about How to take care of your Shoes.

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