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Bata Shoe

Bata shoe Brand is deeply embedded with us. And it carries true-valued sentiment to all of us. We cannot ignore this Shoe Brand under any circumstances. We've heard about Bata Shoe Company from a very younger age. And it still remains within our soul. Just because they are continuously focusing on the development of the quality products for over 120 years. This is something amazing. Bata Shoes are really praiseworthy.

How it saves money? Simply, because of Quality and durability. Bata Shoe Company never compromise on their quality. A wide range of variety of shoes impresses people a lot. New designer shoes are attracting users significantly.

Products Range: Variety of Shoes are numerous. Sometimes it is very hard to decide which one is to buy. A wide range is available by keeping in mind of the user preferences. like Men, Women, Kid & Industrial.

Few Top Shoe Brands owned by Bata as;

  • ·         Bata  - Local Name for International world
  • ·         North Star -  Known as Urban Shoes
  • ·         Weinbrenner - For Premium outdoor shoes
  • ·         Bubblegummers - Special segment for Kids
  • ·         Power - Typically made for Sports & Athletic activity
  • ·         Bata Industrials – Very much known as Best Safety and Workmen Shoes.

Under the Brands few Levels are kept. As;

  • ·         Ambassador (classic men's shoes) – It’s all about Classic
  • ·         Atletico & Tomy Takkies  (urban shoes) – Urban Shoes
  • ·         Bata Comfit (comfort shoes) – Notably Comfort segment.
  • ·         Bata Flexible (comfort shoes) – Daily activity and Comfort
  • ·         Insolia (comfort/women's shoes) – For Women shoe lover who loves comfort.
  • ·         Marie Claire (women's shoes) – Women Shoes
  • ·         SunDrops (women's shoes) – Again Women Shoe Segment.
  • ·         Baby Bubbles (children's shoes) – Adorable option for Kids
  • ·         Patapata (flip flops) – Based on Flip flops
  • ·         Toughees, Verlon, Teener, B-First, (school shoes) – Typical School Shoes
  • ·         Footin (trendy shoes) – All time Trendy option
  • ·         Urbano (men shoes) – Men Shoes
  • ·         Red Label collection – Amazing option for young stars

Users can check at, and “amazon” may also be checked for the best offers and price comparison on Shoes.

A very short brief about BataShoe Company

In the year of 1918, Thomas Bata began the reconstruction of his work in a newly formed state of Czechoslovakia. In a war worry world, the company faces Serious new problems a shortage of raw materials irregular production and employment and payroll difficulties.

1922 post-war economic depression is affected badly. Agricultural produce prices dropped. The less fortunate people had little money to spend. And shoe sales dropped drastically. Thomas Bata reduced its shoe prices by 50% In the retail market. His advertising campaign was a big success.

1923 an age of reorganization begins and reproduction awaken. In the same year in 1923 also remembered as an introduction of a plan for profit sharing to the employees related to incentive, quality production, and effort. This plan helped Mr. Thomas to elevate employees both materially and morally. An employee should understand the business to be part of it and grow with it. That’s a  good beginning to the employee-employer relationship. Many young people began to take responsible positions and obtain higher income depending on their ability and performance.

Only a few years it passed the Enterprise grew up with the quality products and affordable prices and thus became a leader of the shoe industry.

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