About us

Why we are here….

We have created this unique platform for the entire People’s basic & general interest related to Leather domain. For say, if any Buyer of a shoe comes to our Website for information, then He/she should have been properly informed before taking any buying action or decision.
 Also, we wish that our platform will definitely support to those people who are connected related to Leather Industry through our process of Ecosystem.
 We only deliver the Genuine reason to our Readers for their conveniences to take any action/decision further without any hassle.
 We never say that we are the best or we are superior, we only say our thoughts generously to people after verifying/surveying of all the facts by end to end supervising related to Usage, make, quality and price in mind. Our intentions are very clear that if anyone gets help from our genuinely written posts then the person would appreciate our work heartily. Simple… isn’t it…..

Who we are....

We are the Market researcher who checks through the details of any product related to Leather in terms of style, fashion, pros & cons, trend, quality, sellers dependability and end user’s conveniences.
We are built with modern technology that’s equipped with very precious thoughtful Persons as advisor. Which helps us to get and develop proper content and accordingly we publish those highly researched data on our website, especially tailored in individual fields of expertise.

Our Platform is designed for all categories of people, like a Buyer can use it also a Seller can use in other variety of people like Jobseeker Job creators and Leather item lovers may like to read the article of our website.